Multiple Node Version with NVM

I love Node, but like everything else JavaScript it is evolving FAST! At work we use 0.12.x and 4.0.x but now there is 5.x.x. I can only cope with the help of the sweet little command line tool nvm.

Rapid Stack Hacking with Ansible and Vagrant

This past week I really wanted to focus on speeding up my productivity. On my weekends I really love to hack on stuff, it makes me more productiveat work. This past weekend I spent a little bit of tim

Building SPA ppps

I’ve been been building SPA apps since 2012 and I have built them with everything from jQuery to React. JavaScript is awesome but it is also arapidly developing eco system. In the last four years we h


Hi, I’m Edgar Humberto (Um-berto, “h” is silent).I am a full stack JavaScript develper and this is my awesome blog, thanks for checking it out.You can find me on github or twitter.Feel free to reach o

Reusable D3 Architecture

Over the last few months I have been focusing greatly on D3.The company I work for uses charts extensively and they are a big part of our products.So in this blog post I really want to share with you